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Cooler and fresher with good sunny spells

early september morning

We're in a cooler and fresher air-mass across the country today with high pressure building back from the north-west. All places will be dry with good sunny spells, though it's possible there could be a few showers around south-eastern coasts this afternoon. Temperatures reaching 13-19c.

It's going to turn pretty cold tonight with clear spells and the risk of a touch of ground across parts of Wales and Northern England. Temps should pick up a bit later in the night for Scotland as clouds thicken. Monday will be a dry day for most with good sunny spells and temperatures recovering to 19c in the south after a chilly start. The north and west of Scotland could turn cloudy with patchy rain in later.

Tuesday will see cloud and showery rain extending across Scotland and Northern Ireland with England and Wales staying mainly dry with sunny spells. This north/south split lasts's into the middle of the week with the north always more unsettled than the south. Cooler, cloudier with some showery rain at times for the north while the south should remain mostly dry, all-be-it perhaps rather cloudy at times.

Gavin Partridge. 21/9/14. 9:30

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Second Winter 14/15 Update (21/9/14)

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Terry Scholey September Forecast

September temperatures are generally running over 1c above average. It's been a very quiet, benign start to the autumn. In the coming day's we'll lose the warm and humid air that's been across England and Wales recently, turning it cooler and fresher from the north.

It will stay very settled across the south, though the north is likely to become a little more unsettled at times - The slow decline into autumn continues...

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On Sunday evening we opened up GWV latest poll asking simply "What Do You Think Winter 14-15 Will Be Like"? The response has been truly amazing.

he results show that a majority, 39%, think the winter of 2014/2015 will be colder than average. A significant minority, 16%, are expecting an exceptionally cold winter. So taken together 55% of GWV viewers and readers are expecting a cold or exceptionally cold winter!...

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High pressure mostly to the north should dominate particularly the first half of September giving a mainly dry month.

Warm Septembers often occur close to solar maximum but as the current cycle is weak this seem's unlikely, but there are a few exceptions. So while probably seeing a fair few pleasantly warm afternoons the night may turn out to be chilly with ground frost, most likely around mid-month particularly in the north...

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