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Very warm (locally hot) and sunny.

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Most places will have another dry, sunny and very warm or locally hot day. Ireland will have some cloud and showery rain, while eastern coasts have the risk of mist and low cloud coming and going. Away from these areas there will be plenty of dry and fine weather with prolonged sunny spells. An isolated thunderstorms may pop up in the south as temperatures reach 28c (83f). Thursday and Friday could see a growing threat of scattered thunderstorms across England and Wales, but many places will miss them and stay dry, sunny and very warm or hot. Temperatures will be close to 30c (86f) in the south by Saturday, though showers will probably be getting widespread by then. As we move into Sunday and the start of next week, high pressure will become more dominant again, so most places turning dry. Still very sunny, but temperatures may become a little cooler in the north - Though chances of this cooler air making it into the south seems small today.

Gavin Partridge 23/7/14. 9:35

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Turning Cooler To Start Next Week (22/7/14)

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Gavin's Thoughts (19/7/14)

Latest Flash (21/7/14)

Terry Scholey Mid Jul-Aug Forecast

We've been experiencing our hottest spell of weather since July last year. During the coming week, high pressure will be taking over, turning it mostly dry and by mid-week we'll be back to hot temperatures once again. No sign of a fundamental change in the pattern to something cooler and Atlantic driven in the next week at least.

Summary: The heatwave continues. Showers and storms this weekend, then mainly dry, sunny and hot through next week...

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Here is the day ten chart for Wednesday 30th July showing a strong area of high pressure sitting right over the top of the UK at 1025mbrs.

From that position we can project that even out to Friday 1st August high pressure would almost certainly still be influencing the weather conditions across the country, with mainly dry, sunny and hot weather extending out into the new month...

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Despite being unsettled at times over the next thirty days or so with cooler intervals, it should continue to be warmer than average. In line with the July prediction, heat and humidity will build over the next few days. This will eventually lead to a thundery breakdown.

July 16th to 21st: The east and south although mixed to begin with, see sunny spells. It turns increasingly hot and humid, with thunderstorms spreading from the south. These give local torrential downpours causing 'flash' flooding'. Temperatures could reach 27 to 32C..

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