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Showery rain for England + Wales. Weekend looking OK

umbrella and rain

England and Wales will be cloudy and damp with some showery rain at times on Friday, though some central and eastern parts are starting with on a bright note and may stay dry all day. Scotland and Northern Ireland will have a mix of sunshine and showers, most of the showers in the west. Temperatures could reach a very mild 17c in the south-east, but more like 10c for Scotland.

Rain will clear away this evening and it will be a cooler night than recently tonight with temperatures falling into single digits. Scotland and Northern Ireland will turn windy with rain in the west. That will lead to a windy day in the north on Saturday with gales around north and western facing coasts. The rain generally restricted to north and west Scotland many other places staying dry with a few sunny spells and variable cloud. Temperatures a little cooler in the south with maximum of 15c (59f).

Sunday very similar to Saturday with wind and rain in the north-west but many places staying dry with some bright or sunny spells As we move into next week it look like we should keep it a lot of dry weather going away from the north-west and with winds in from the south temperatures overall will be very mild for many.

Gavin Partridge. 24/10/14. 8:20

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Any Signs Of Cold Weather During November? (24/10/14)

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Gavin's Thoughts (10/10/14)

Latest Flash (22/10/14)

Roger J. Smith Winter 14/15

Terry Scholey's Oct-Nov Forecast

It looks as though the weather will be staying unsettled during the coming week with low pressure in control. Temperatures will be recovering however, as winds turn into the south and brings warmer air up from Spain and the central Atlantic.

Heavy rain will spread up from the south across much of England and Wales on Sunday night driven on by a fairly strong easterly wind...

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An OPI of -1.5 or lower seems to be a critical threshold for almost guaranteeing a cold winter. Every winter in this list with an OPI below -1.5 preceding it was cold or very cold.

The current OPI Forecast (with just 9 day's to go until month end) is for an OPI of -1.89. If this was the final number this would strongly imply a cold winter for 2014/15 based on this hind-casting...

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So I should begin by saying that winter 2014-15 may not seem entirely different from last winter to many, and there could be rather frequent wind storm events in Britain and Ireland. This set-up should mean that winter 2014-15 will not be generally as mild as last winter in Britain and Ireland.

The colder portions of the winter, from my index value research, would appear to be roughly once every month, but more specifically, mid-November, early December, early part of mid-January and possibly a longer cold spell near end of February into March

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It looks as though much of the remainder of October will also be unsettled especially in the north and west. The south and east will have brief drier, brighter intervals and with winds often in a southerly quarter it will be very mild generally.

The first half of November trend however should be for Atlantic depressions to increasingly 'dive' into central Europe, eventually leading to a much colder 'blocking' type towards mid-November...

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